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Handcrafted bags with original chakra healing art

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Chakra healing art to heal your body and raise your vibration

Our collections are composed of unique bags made by spiritual artists to promote the energy of your chakras by increasing their vibration and healing capacity.

You will be able to empower your inner strength with an exclusive accessory delicately handcrafted in a unique process through sense and awareness.

Untitled Barcelona VISHUDDHA


the throat chakra

The Vishuddha collection enhances the energy of the throat chakra. It helps balance our thyroid gland for metabolism, physical and mental development. This chakra provides space, expressive self, communication, and singing. We can indeed find our inner truth and live our truth in daily life.

Each of the bags in this collection boosts your divine will through sound, made up of words or tones. Rise in the form of the harmony between your humanity and divinity and flow powerfully into the world to create your destiny your authentic resonance, as a stream of sound, is expressed as “I am the only truth.”


the heart chakra

The Anahata collection enhances the energy of the heart chakra. This chakra helps us balance the heart, our circulatory system, arms, hands, and lungs. It provides us with an opening of the upper part of our body that manages to increase the capacity to forgive, feel compassion, balance, and understanding.

Each of the bags in this collection enhances emotional abundance towards the “path of the heart” by living your life from the energy center of love; you will find the peace and harmony needed to build everything you desire with calm and love.

Sun flower Collection Untitled Barcelona


the solar plexus chakra

The Manipura collection enhances the energy of the solar plexus chakra. A chakra with the ability to vitalize our sympathetic nervous system, thus helping to improve our metabolism and balancing our emotions. Energy capable of boosting our will, personal power, authority, dominant desire, and encouraging self-control.

Each of the bags in this collection activates the energy of transformation towards feeling higher self-esteem, determination, and freedom to choose and direct your own life. This collection will boost your power to show the world what you have inside from the place of love and acceptance.


the sacral chakra

The Svadhisthana collection enhances the energy of the lower belly, level of the lumbar vertebrae. It is the chakra that can enhance procreation, strength, and physical vitality from the inner feeling. This energy balances the “give and take” while promoting your sensuality and creativity.

Each bag in this collection propels you towards change and the development of new ideas, integrating your strengths and weaknesses to create together with others from understanding, fun, and meaning. It will increase your sense of freedom by allowing you to play and experience the pleasure of living healthily by listening to your body and its needs.

Svadhisthana collections
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the root chakra

The Muladhara collection enhances the energy of the root chakra. This chakra can balance the kidneys, spine, colon, legs, and bones. It provides vitality to the physical body, increasing vital force, improving survival, self-preservation, and instincts.

Each bag in this collection promotes stability and security, favoring bonds with the land through growth. You will feel how the feeling of being rooted in your life increases, covering your basic needs. Empower individuality, health, and courage to build confidence in your life and ease the fear.