Fashion is a concept that represents a universal subject, a language understood and spoken by many it was created in the modern industry, based around firms or fashion houses run by individual designers, started in the 19th century.

e ever-changing styles. Fashion is a state of mind. A spirit, an extension of one’s self. Fashion talks, it can be an understated whisper, a high-energy scream or an all-knowing wink and a smile. Most of all fashion is about being comfortable with yourself, translating self-esteem into a personal style. Fashions vary greatly within a society over time, but also are affected by age, occupation, sexual orientation, location and social class. It has been and continues to be a reflection of society and current events.

Fashion is clothing or accessories that becomes a trend, which tends to reflect a behaviour, mindset, or circumstance. There are odd fashion trends all over history, telling a story about the people of that time and culture. A fashion trend is what’s hip or popular at a certain point in time. Usually refers to a certain style in fashion. Today, a fashion trend starts with fashion designers, who design a spring/summer and fall/winter collection based on cues and inspiration they’ve gathered throughout the season. These cues can include popular culture, celebrities, music, politics, nature or something else entirely different like spirituality.

We can say that fashion trend is a creative wind that blows with the expression of time expressing moods throughout the message of colours, fabrics and the design.
During the last years the world of fashion has been changing just as rapidly, while also facing severe individual, social and global challenges. Although timeless descriptors such as quality, personality, style, comfort, beauty and elegance are still firmly linked to the notion of fashion (and luxury), a new framework of aspirations and values defines today’s meaning of fashion which is seemingly different to that of previous generations and perceptions. Today the new frameworks are the street style that has become just as major as the runway shows themselves or the social media concept, because fashion is about people. It involves perception, self-expression, memory, creativity and social interaction. Fashion reveals and shapes our emotions, personality and culture.

Inside Untitled Barcelona we believe in fashion because allows freedom of speech for the creator and the wearer, is about the expression in the art and emotions. We love to express the mantra IAM representing fashion as a powerful communication tool focussing not only on clothing or accessories itself but also on the complexity of human behaviour and communication.

Fashion as a way of communicating!


I love the pleasure of being alive the fire that brings my creativity to manifestation. Feel good with all its different ways that come to life like pendulum dowsing, meditation, yoga, art, writing, or fashion. I am a woman that loves the passion of empowering and embracing all.