How does the fourth chakra work?

The forth chakra is identified as the astral body. This new chakra is the first level beyond three-dimensional reality, just above the physical, emotional, and intellectual planes. The astral is the realm or level of consciousness that bridges the dimensions of matter and spirit. The astral level is the dream world. The astral plane also represents the level of knowledge where transformation and the trans-personal are made possible. An opened heart chakra allows you to understand better and meet your needs, and to give love to others. The classic colors associated with this chakra are pink or green respectively.

The fourth chakra also known as the heart center

The Heart chakra enables a person to feel love or being in love. People who have enough energy in their heart chakra are sensitive, balanced, and understanding. They are also helpful, friendly, and optimistic.

6 tips to stimulate the fourth chakra

Wear something green

Boost your fourth chakra matching your outfit with something green.

Feel love for you

Hug more! Dedicate yourself to self-healing & go forest bathing.

Establish clear personal boundaries.

With the people you are surrounded by.


Laugh, be thankful and show gratitude to those around you

Wear jewelry with crystal stones

Like jade, malachite, rose quartz, emerald or rhodonite.

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The fourth chakra is here!


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