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Just because someone decided to name our “madness” we no longer stop to see the person behind the image that has been created to navigate society, the quality of the human being, we focus on seeing
immediately what that person is needing, what she has not achieved, which material possessions she has and which she does not, what she is lacking mentally and emotionally, all guided by a set of standards to fit socially, culturally, and the ones that we have been created to use as a reference to judge others and have the false sense of superiority or inferiority that we create when comparing ourselves to others. You hold the key to the freedom to live outside a social paradigm. The lack of social acceptance and being labeled as rebellious and/or irreverent to many gives them a sense of fear and while we remain in that fear, we further stray away from listening to our intuition and what makes us happy. Is it worth suffering the discomfort of going through the unknown to live through the fullness that comes from acting, expressing, and presenting yourself to the world in an original way? It is worth to give it a try!

What if I opened myself to something new? And then decide whether that path was for me or not, keeping my mind open to new experiences that can open new doors in ways that I didn’t imagine. What if we weren’t so quick to judge and jump to conclusions?

Each time we choose us and keep true to ourselves, we are closer to living a life full of infinite blessings and synchronicities with everything around us, through our truth and further away from what we have been taught to be over time through the patterns and trauma in our lives.

Our unique light allows us to live in the fullness of our being. Which of our bags best describes your light and power? or which one would you allow yourself to experiment with? Are you ready to live outside the box? I am! Right now, I feel inspired by the Muladhara collection and its hand-printed line with the empowering message “This Is Who I am” in black and red.


Mother, daughter, sister, lover, warrior, traveler, servant, writer, and entrepreneur. Explorer of the universal truth and spiritual wisdom. Expert in resurgence in the adversity of life. Believer in the inner strength and independence that each individual possesses to heal himself and be the creator of his reality. Lover of writing and reading. I am the searcher of my truth and I would like to share it with the world.

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