Mauricio: The Artist

Mauricio was born in Bogotá (Colombia), as a child I was always attracted to drawing and painting. After studying and working for several years as an industrial technician in Bogotá, I moved to Barcelona 10 years ago and since 2014; I began to attend painting classes at the “Casa de la Espiral(Barcelona)” in order to learn various techniques such as: charcoal, pastel, watercolor, ink, acrylic, among others. Here I rediscovered my artistic part, giving myself completely to art, developing my own characteristic style. Inspire in nature and letting my hands capture the strokes what flows from my senses.

Lotus flower inspiration:
The closed Lotus Flower symbolizes the infinite possibilities of man, while the open lotus flower represents the creation of the Universe. Its habitat is water, a characteristic element of the second chakra, which is represented by the union between masculine and feminine, changing feelings and emotions, creativity, creation, passion, desire. By having purple tones with shades of white, they express the revelation of the heart, spiritual perfection and mental purity. “When talking with Gisselle about the subject of the handbags related to the second chakra. I felt identified because this chakra is related to the artists, I understood that the best way to express it was through the lotus flower, allowing me to expand my creativity, my passion for art, my desire to transmit and inspire others. This chakra reflects the world within creativity”