Our lovely handmade jewelry collection radiates the positive light of our love in life. The necklaces are all handcrafted, with beautiful knitted details and natural stones. This collection is gently spreading the Self-love energy of accepting and nurturing the relationship with our selves. Self-love represents and offers love for others, compassion, and a deep understanding of the mysteries in life. All combined with the fascinating cosmos of healing chakra stones, to stand up our will power into the world like the agate Butterfly stones, which is the representation of our soul and its endurance through changes in life.

*All necklaces carefully made with the sensitive touch of hands and using the color green and pink as a primary inspiration founded in the knitted details and the sacred Agate stones that gives the concept to our jewelry collection. The Agate stones are formidable to encourage you to deeply and completely love and accept yourself and aids harmony and balance.

“I live in balance, in a state of gracefulness and gratitude.”

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