As summer nears, many people get ready to change their closets for the new season, making room for the more colourful clothing and accessories that goes perfectly with the hot weather. In the following lines, we are going to talk about summer fashion and the patterns and colours that most represent it.

The “Flower Power” meaning and its concept as a summer trend

Today this summer style comes in countless designs by different brands for you to enjoy under the sunny days, but in this article we are going to focus on the beautiful concept of “Flower Power”.

The concept of Flower Power is an important summer fashion trend first used in the early 60s. It appeared in America in the 1960s and 1970s, during the protests demanding equal rights for every citizen, which were a tumultuous yet interesting time in history for social change.
Some protestors during this era were nicknamed as “hippies”, short for the term “hipsters”, and they were the first to wear flowers.Thereby the young pacifists of the 70’s imposed a lifestyle that quickly moved to the catwalk using different prints, geometric shapes, psychedelic shapes and lots of flowers.
And since that moment we still can’t get enough of it. Thus this 2019 is again our favourite summer fashion trend: leather bags, t-shirts, skirts, pants, swimsuits… The combinations and possibilities are literally endless!

Why Flower Power is the perfect trend for summer

In summer the flower power restores femininity and romance with the fresh looks that flowers always give away. The flowers’ combination recreate a new fashion concept inspired by nature with new codes, which lose the rigidity of the previous season and give renewed air to the clothes and accessories.

Although sometimes it can go unnoticed or it can disappear for a while, the concept always come back. For this summer of 2019 the flower power concept has surfaced again and doubtless you will see it everywhere: streets, shops, online…

Flowers’ pattern for bags

The flower blooming in Untitled Barcelona this summer 2019 is from our garden of imagination and results in a special collection under the name of Lotus Flower, representing our concept of purity and beauty, through our boho leather bags.

The amazing and magical Lotus Flower is a classic flower reinvented with a beautiful handmade expressive art by our artist Mauricio Ballesteros, using different tones of white, orange and soft purples bringing chic optimism to your wardrobe and to your life with our handmade boho bags.
We love the origins of freedom and changes that the concept FLOWER POWER transmits and we want you to discover our collection of handcrafted leather bags.

Being always you, beautiful, pacific and pure, like our lotus flower.


I love the pleasure of being alive the fire that brings my creativity to manifestation. Feel good with all its different ways that come to life like pendulum dowsing, meditation, yoga, art, writing, or fashion. I am a woman that loves the passion of empowering and embracing all.

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