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We are down to our last few days before the end of the year, today I have concluded that humanity is transformed through death. This year we have all died in one way or another, there has been physical and spiritual death, individually and collectively.

I learned that:

  • It broke the reality built by others, with my participation in it, by choice or by routine. Have you asked yourself lately if you Are you happy with yourself?
  • We are all one, no matter where we are, culture, race, and beliefs. More things bring us together than the ones that separate us.
  • I can live with fear or conscience. I can choose to make decisions for my good and the sake of others, or I need a father figure who constantly tells me how to live my life.
  • I appreciate everything I’ve got. Being grateful to Mother Earth and God opens the door to faith and the certainty that everything is well, in its just order and place.
  • I recognize and thank people who are no longer here. They left me the best end-of-year present, not to take for granted relationships in my life, to be compassionate and to see pain, and despair in the eyes of others, to receive and ask for help, to know that I can learn to live from a calmer place and without distractions or expectations, a reminder that I am not immortal and that I have a compass of life that is called intuition and works for me, for my evolution, my inner peace, and personal power.
  • I came to this life to be happy with little, to help others, to learn, to evolve, and that the only sure thing is change.
  • The creative capacity and wisdom of the human being are immense and that nothing is new under the sun.
  • We live our life’s fueling a pain and a wound that intensifies with external factors, it is our responsibility to break the old narrative that we believe and to be open to the possibility of change and to make it different. We all want change, but we are not able to receive and recognize them in our lives.
  • Perfection exists only in our heads; it is a general disease that can disconnect us from our spirit. Life is only required to connect with our true essence and purpose in life.  This life is not a race, a constant competition, or what I’m supposed to have, achieve, or maintain.
  •  We do NOT control anything, neither the parents, nor the children, nor our partners, no individual is designed to control or to be controlled. It is an unsustainable place, full of demands, and destruction.  Be and let be.
  • Do not leave your spiritual, physical, and mental health in the hands of others.  Meditate daily, consume quality and purposely made products, eat healthy and organic, spend more time in nature and connect with valuable experiences, don’t compare yourself, prioritize what’s important in life for you, create routines designed for you, find the tools that work for you and the people who resonate with you, elevate your soul and your inner vibration. Recognize your body as the sacred temple that leads your soul through this experience of life, treat it well, love it, respect it and give it rest, become aware that to keep it healthy you have to cleanse your emotions and not just change what you don’t like about your body, if you change inside you can give your body the courage, recognition and respect it deserves. Your mind is not you, it is only a tool that works for you, you are responsible for being aware of what feeds your mind, it can destroy you, or elevate you, you are responsible for being aware if it works for you or against you. Can I love myself and others unconditionally?



  • I refuse to live in a reality built by others or by the illusion built by me
  • I commit myself to heal my wounds and clearing my journey. I take care of my body, mind, and spirit
  • I exercise my intuition and feelings to listen to my being and discover my essence, my rhythm and find myself, flourish, grow and share with others my fruits, my gifts, and my knowledge
  • I face my fears, I feel them, I recognize them, and I release them so that I can see the light and abundance that I am just to exist.
  • I’m not afraid to express my truth and go for what I want
  • I allow to let go of everything that does not suit me
  • I can reinvent myself as many times as necessary, get out of the routine and patterns that limit my life and my growth
  • I abandon the labels that give value to my life according to my family, my culture, and my beliefs. I’m more than that
  • I show myself to the world as I am and share my gifts
  • I live consciously! I decide what experiences I want to live in my life
  • I stop looking in others what I need to give myself to change my reality


Mother, daughter, sister, lover, warrior, traveler, servant, writer, and entrepreneur. Explorer of the universal truth and spiritual wisdom. Expert in resurgence in the adversity of life. Believer in the inner strength and independence that each individual possesses to heal himself and be the creator of his reality. Lover of writing and reading. I am the searcher of my truth and I would like to share it with the world.

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