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Where you put your attention goes your energy, your courage, your transformation, and your progress. It’s about the energy you put out there every day, in every action and interaction. Are we aware and paying attention when we are choosing ourselves or when we abandon ourselves during the day? Remember that the sum of the days lived is the result of our life. Are we honest with ourselves and others? We live in synchronicity with who we are, want, live and manifest in our existence or we will repeat the same stories we tell ourselves in our heads. When we do not pause to understand where those stories come from, those that we tell ourselves, in which we do not feel capable and worthy of the abundance and love that we are, just by the simple fact of being alive and being the creators of our own reality, we will spend our lives reflecting ourselves in others and in their realities, the illusion is created based on that everything we criticize and worship has more strength over ourselves than our own essence, we can have the false feeling of superiority, but in the end we are empty. When we sit down to write in a journal about our past, repetitive patterns, inherited cultural traits, false beliefs, and our lack of appreciation and personal value, we can see what stories we tell to ourselves to validate a reality in which we are not happy and has nothing to do with who we are.

When we are aware and remove those things from our lives and make the daily commitment to giving ourselves a different reality, we will make the necessary changes to free ourselves from our bonds, and from the stories we tell to ourselves, we are not going to be able to reach our true self, our essence, we will be repeating the same narrative over and over again by justifying our actions before others until we become a broken record that serves us as an incentive to perpetuate the same patterns during our whole existence, this way we keep fleeing from pain and the discomfort that entails communicating from our truth even though we are one step away from connecting more and more with our true essence, with who we are, what makes us happy and fulfilled, our divinity and light. Find the strength every day to be true to yourself, first inside you, and then in our Manipura collection that reinforces that daily commitment to yourself in a mantra full of power and freedom. YES, I CAN DO IT!


Mother, daughter, sister, lover, warrior, traveler, servant, writer, and entrepreneur. Explorer of the universal truth and spiritual wisdom. Expert in resurgence in the adversity of life. Believer in the inner strength and independence that each individual possesses to heal himself and be the creator of his reality. Lover of writing and reading. I am the searcher of my truth and I would like to share it with the world.

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